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HurryMedia Company Limited is the current pioneer and industry pace setter for China’s ever expanding legal related media and publications industry. As the resurgent Chinese economy continues to rapidly grow, a greater number of overseas organizations and Chinese firms have began to co-operate on several levels and hence their legal needs have also subsequently grown.

To cater for this upsurge in demand, Hurrymedia Company Limited have created a strong legal entity network that can effectively serve legal professionals at home and abroad. As we surge into the 21st century, Hurrymedia have continually strived to connect with international legal professionals and their potential clients throughout the world with an emphasis on the Chinese market and all its unique business, legal, financial and cultural traits.

As interest in the realm of the Chinese legal field continues to grow, Hurrymedia currently produce a whole host of flagship publications as well as offer many essential services that assist all our clients fulfill their aims and objectives, whatever they may be, in a swift and efficient way.

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