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China IP on Weibo- IP Sharing Platform

Weibo has become the hottest information sharing platform by recording the life with one sentence at anytime anywhere and catching the latest information immediately. China IP official Weibo (<>) was open up with Sina identification in November 2010.

China IP weibo has become the interacting platform of IP information and communication with active comments and reposting by paying attention to the latest IP dynamic anytime and anywhere, sharing IP strategies in various industries, interpreting the revision of policies and regulations. So far the fans of China IP weibo are more than 17,000. And more and more people pay attention to China IP and its weibo.

China IP weibo holds the discussion on one hot topic every week, such as, “Is copyright protection involved in commercial model?” “Discussion on draft amendments of the patent agency”, etc. People online share experience of IP judicial protection and give the analysis and discussion from different perspectives. We will send a copy of magazine to 5 individuals who made the excellent comments monthly for encouragement. Weibo sparkles people's minds from this industry and provides better communicating platform.

March 2011, China IP(<>) was officially open up with Sohu official identification.
IP sharing on weibo has become more and more popular. So join us and get to know IP around you. China IP

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