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China IP Launched E-magazines Platform

With the popularization of Mobile Internet Devices such as mobile phone, tablet PC, e-magazine has become a new kind of media. People are inclined to read with MID.

China IP shifted paper media resources into e-magazine ( which can be read via PC, webpage, IPAD, and mobiles by means of cooperating with the Dooland, the leading mobile Internet reading platform in February. Readers can themselves download or subscribe from the website mentioned above. As the only IP economic magazine on the e-platform, China IP delivers the industrial dynamic to the readers with multi-media so that the readers can get knowledge of the latest China IP at any time anywhere. During the popularization, magazine can be read on line or download without any charge. At present, this website has collected the Chinese version magazine in the whole year of 2010 and updated ones in 2011 with increasing click and downloading. China IP has caught more and more people's eyes.

On the e-platform of Dooland, China IP established reader club for readers to communicate online. Meanwhile, Dooland can interact with Sina weibo so that the downloaded information will be posted on weibo, which is more convenient for readers to communicate.

In addition, China IP is about to cooperating with 91 Reading Net (, the biggest legal e-magazine platform and to popularize the e-reading in a broader way. China IP

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