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Interview of EPO Deputy Director Mr. Raimund Lutz

Speaking of the rise of European continent, industrial revolution will occur to the minds automatically. The powerful and prosperous traditional capital countries like UK, France and German have close connection with industrial revolution. But in some way, IP protection is the catalyzer of the industrial revolution. Britain is the first capital country to launch industrialization whose development is closely linked to  the patent system carried out in Britain at that time. Without patent system, British industrial revolution would be uncertainty. Therefore, IP is the significant driving force of European innovation.

As the global economy grows dramatically, IP awareness worldwide has been improved gradually. The formulation and development of IP have already become the important symbol of measuring the development of technology and innovation. In order to ensure the interest and economic development of the whole European countries, EU officially established European Patent Office(EPO) in 1972 according to European Patent Convention.

EPO currently has 38 members in total. It helps enterprises worldwide to apply for patent and trademarks in EU with its professional knowledge. What's more, those knowledge has laid down the solid foundation for EU to cooperate with other countries in the world. The cooperation between EU and China in IP field is the oldest one in the history of EPO, which started from 1985 and reached the peak with the development of Sino-EU IP Protection project(X IPR2). Our correspondent was so impressed by Mr. Lutz's amiableness and wisdom at the first meet with him at the closing ceremony of Sino-EU IP Protection project(X IPR2) held in Beijing on July 15. Our reporter had an exclusive interview with Mr. Lutz on the purpose of his trip, the accomplishment IPR2 achieved in China and EPO's knowledge of the current situation and development of China IP.

Mr, Raimund Lutz is the deputy director of EPO, responsible for law and international affair.
1982-1984  Judge and prosecutor in Munich of Federal Germany
1985-1989  General secretary in charge of Commercial law and economic law in Judiciary of Federal Germany
1989-1999  Director of Patent Bureau of Federal Germany( Berlin branch); and head of German Patent and trademark office                               since 1997
2000-2005  Deputy director mainly in charge of IP in commercial law and economic law department of Judiciary of Federal                                 Germany
2006-2010  President of Patent Court of Federal Germany.

More information, please refer to China IP Issue 54 P.56

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