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Special plan: WTO & China’s IP

2011 is the first decade of China entering the WTO. At the same date December 11th ten years ago, China opened the gate of WTO and became the 143rd member.  Ten years gone immediately, China economy developed rapidly and the social transformation speeding up, China took a more import role on the international stage.

It was turned out that it’s a historical policy that China joined the WTO. It not only drove the reform and openness and legal construction, boosted our economic development, but also changed our international environment and expanded the space of Chinese enterprises. In the past ten years, our government kept the promise, abided by the rules, became the bridges between developing countries and developed countries. China have made the great contribution and recognized by WTO, promoted the democracy and legal process of WTO’ administrative organization.

At the same time, there is a huge change in the intellectual property field. The IP law system has achieved initial success and IP protection is increasing continuously. After joined WTO, our country adjusted the international trade relevant law, administrative regulations and department rules in planned way, formulated or revised the patent law, the copyright law, trademark law of intellectual property law based on the original WTO policies.

Ten years is only a stage of the process. Look into the future, a series of problems we have: at the background of international economy situation and competition is getting more and more complicated, how China play more important role by WTO, how to further perfect of international characteristics of China's intellectual property rights protection system; how enterprises use intellectual property rules of WTO perfectly to accelerate the innovation and so on.

Hereby, supported by China Law Science Association of WTO, Copyright Society of China and CSIA, China Daily, China IP Magazine and Orient Master Magazine jointly hold the deep serial reports of “the review and prospect of China intellectual property during the first decade in WTO”. China IP

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